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"Without my dog, my wallet would be full, my house would be clean, but my heart would be empty"

Katie D.



Pet Grooming, Pet Sitting, Dog Walking, Canine Massage Therapy

With Polished Paws & Claws, you will find everything you need from a pet sitter to a pet groomer. We are able to do everything in your home to keep your pet most comfortable.


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Canine Massage Therapy

Responsible & Reliable


"Spike Riley is so relaxed after his spa treatment, smells great and very happy boy! We love Polished Paws & Claws!
Spike can’t wait for his next spa day! 

The service was professional and affordable. Because Spike is a big boy it’s great to find a pet groomer that comes right to the house. I highly recommend to all family and friends! Thanks Yesenia Watson"

Linda DeMaio Riley


"Granted, I love it when my pup’s paws smell like Fritos, but she smells soooo much better following her grooming. Polished Paws also got all of her mats out of her from behind her ears. Definitely recommend."

Tracy Baglia

Brown Dogs