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As a certified pet groomer, I strive to make sure your pet's coat is as healthy as can be. From a basic bath and teeth brushing to needing a full groom, we can do it all. You can choose from a breed standard cut or a specific cut of your choice. 


The Importance

Of Pet Grooming

Grooming is important to your pets overall health and wellbeing by catching any underlying diseases and conditions early on. For example, brushing removes dirt, dandruff and dead hairs which prevents tangles, hairballs, and matting which can lead to infections and pain; while cleaning ears ensures that there is no dirt or mites as well as being able to detect for any signs of infection. Trimming the hair around their eyes prevents infection as well and teeth brushing helps fight periodontal disease plus that bad breath

            A good bath ensures your pet is clean and germ free while left smelling amazing and feeling good. But make sure not to bathe too often since it can strip the natural oils away from their skin. Also, Trimming nails reduces the risk of injury by preventing in-grown nails and easing arthritis and other joint pains. 

"My 7 year old basset hound mix has two bad front paws and she’s pretty shy with new humans. Shes especially shy around men and has always been that way. Thankfully I didn’t have to worry about her at all - the owners of polished paws and claws were amazingly patient and gentle despite my dog being nervous.
We chose the full bath option which was $45 in total - that includes teeth, ears, anal glands, bath and blow dry, toe trim, and a cute little bandana. 
Being that I’m 9 months pregnant - giving her a bath is totally not an option with my back pain. I was very happy with the services and will use them again!"

Karina Nilson



Gainesville, FL

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