Pet Sitting

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Do you have to leave town for a few days? That's ok! We are here to care for your pet while you are away by you choosing to have us either visit multiple times a day or stay at your house. Either way, we ensure that your pet is well taken care of in the comfort of their home so you can enjoy your get away.


At Home Services

Would you rather leave your loving companion in a cage at the kennel with other random animals or at home where they are most comfortable? Then you should consider our in-house care service. We make sure your furry friend receives a whole lot of attention, play time, and love until you return.

Dog laying in bed
cat sleeping


If a Sleep-Over session with your pet is what is needed to keep them busy and well taken care of while you’re away then give us a call! We know it can be a difficult experience leaving a pet under the responsibility of someone else but we have the background, calm demeanor, and practical know-how to help you rest assured that your cuddly creature is in great hands.

Bath Time

Don't forget that we offer baths or wipe downs! It is your choice if you would like to include a free bath into your pet sitting journey or if you would like to purchase a groom. Either or, they will be cleaned just in time for you to come home to them. Check out our grooming page for more information.

Equine Care

We fully understand how difficult it may be to leave your horses behind as you go on vacation, but with over 10 years of horse care experience your equines will be in good hands with polished paws and Claws. We offer daily feeding and watering, stall cleaning, and basic if requested.

Drop Ins

If your pet does fine at home alone and you aren't worried about them at night alone or if you are looking for someone to stop by while you are at work then this is a great way to go. With reliable transportation, we visit your home as often as you would like for a half an hour each time to make sure your pet has all of its needs satisfied.